SpaceSoc is currently undertaking two major projects.

Firstly, we are taking part in the UKSEDS Lunar Rover Competition for the second consecutive year. This runs from October to July and involves designing, building and testing a prototype lunar rover for sample collection at the lunar South Pole. The competition has given our members a great opportunity to learn about the space engineering process, while also being a fun aside from uni coursework! We’re looking forward to seeing how we do in this year’s competition and are confident of making it to the test day. Any updates on our progress will be posted on the rover Team’s Twitter account, @TeamBathRoving, shared on the Society Facebook group and posted on our blog with the tag “TBRo”.

Final render edited
Render of the 2018 lunar rover

Our second project is a high precision magnetometer, which will measure the Earth’s magnetic field to near research-grade accuracy to aid in the prediction of the aurora borealis (Northern Lights). It will also link into the AuroraWatchUK national sensor network to give more local data for aurora watchers in the south west UK. Updates on the magnetometer can be found in the same places as the rover, with blog posts tagged with “magnetometer”.